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Lower Back pain

We treat back pain as well as joint and sports injuries here in YorkLower back pain is common, difficult to diagnose and often mis-treated. The causes are also complex, ranging from traumatic accidents to degeneration of discs, or damage to tendons; frequently reported are episodes caused by performing unusual movements to which one is not accustomed such as lifting especially heavy items.

The result can be excruciatingly painful and debilitating, causing loss of productivity and difficulty sleeping due to discomfort even lying down. It is widely accepted across all forms of medical practice that, in most cases, left to themselves most bad backs will recover slowly on their own.

Of course, most people aren't keen to wait for nature to run its course, as the pain is too bad. Hence a visit to Heworth Osteopathic Practice can speed the healing process.

More importantly, in some cases the condition will not naturally resolve itself and may degenerate into a chronic condition which can dramatically impede quality of life. That is why most osteopaths would recommend early treatment so that the likelihood of developing a more serious condition is reduced.

Tension headaches

Pain from stress or computing? Our York Osteopaths can help!The symptoms are easy to recognise - pain behind the eyes and a throbbing head...

Although often triggered by stress or emotional events, an important causal factor is often a constriction of the blood supply as a result of the the muscles at the back of the neck and the base of the skull over-contracting. In addition to neck pain, this may frequently be the cause of a headache. In the immediate term, occasional use of analgesics may help, as will a cold towel or compress.

However, in the longer term, it is recommended that two actions be taken. Firstly, an investigation of the upper neck area, which may need to be manipulated or mobilised in order to promote sufficient blood flow. Secondly, it is important to understand the sources of emotional stress and try to deflect it using a variety of techniques such as yoga, meditation or even regular exercise.

We offer both Osteopathy and Acupuncture to aid pain relief at our Heworth Practice in York.

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