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Pregnant? Osteopathy may help you...

Pregnant women in York can benefit from OsteopathyPregnancy is the largest postural change that a woman will undergo during her life and, as a result, can put the body under large amounts of pressure and strain. Commonly reported symptoms during pregnancy such as back pain, pelvic pain and morning sickness are ideally suited to osteopathic treatment and can often be significantly improved, or cleared completely.

Many women regard back pain in pregnancy as an inevitable consequence of the enlarging bump and changing maternal posture, but gentle treatment, advice about exercise and tips on using your body correctly, can be of huge benefit.

SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction), which is now known as PGP (pelvic girdle pain) is one of the conditions treated by osteopaths that can be very debilitating during pregnancy. It classically presents as pain in the pelvic bones at the front and back of the pelvis, sometimes without any associated back pain, and tends to be aggravated by movement. It is due the pregnancy hormones causing a loosening of the ligaments around the back and pelvic girdle. Treatment through the pregnancy can be very helpful to reduce pain, increase mobility and give you back confidence in your changing body's shape and allow you to enjoy this special time (see testimonial)

Osteopathy can also be helpful in preparing the motherís body for labour, by ensuring that the pelvic girdle is structurally balanced to allow passage of the baby down the birth canal. After giving birth, the body has to recover from the changes during pregnancy and the physical effects of the delivery, while the new mother is learning how to feed her baby, lift the baby in and out of the cot and many other activities which can place undue stresses and strains on the body.

Jacqui has recently undergone further osteopathic training specialising in the treatment of pregnant women during childbearing years. Book an appointment today to:       

  •          Reduce back and pelvic pain
  •          Improve morning sickness with acupuncture
  •          Stop the pain of SPD / PGP
  •          Educate your body
  •          Exercise your mind
  •          Prepare yourself for pregnancy
  •          Enjoy your pregnancy/be as healthy as possible
  •          Give you and your baby a head start

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