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"Thank you for curing my daughter's headaches. Her head was damaged at birth and she has lived with pain for over 6 years. The doctors dismissed her, but you cured her in just a few sessions. Thank you!" Mary Betteridge

"Excellent service. Jacqui always goes the extra mile for her patients". Val Inwood

"You've been a great find - I've been in the hands of Osteopaths for the last 20 years but no-one has been as beneficial to my back and neck problems - until I give up my PC  (that'll never happen) I'll be ringing up for treatment!" Michele Andrew, York

"Jacqui has helped me recover from my sports injury, after physiotherapy had failed! Jacqui's progressive and careful treatment has helped me regain my fitness and flexibility, and eradicated all pain and discomfort in my knee.

I have a weekly treatment with Jacqui, and it really is a treat! I spend 7 hours a day coaching sport, and have had knee surgery. Yet, despite the intense strain my knee is under, with Jacqui's help I make continual improvement each week.

Even out of work, Jacqui is open and forthcoming with advice and concern for others, and has been known to administer a quick treatment away from her practice to help someone in acute need. She always puts you, the client, first - so if Jacqui thinks an alternative approach would benefit you more, Jacqui knows the best people locally who could help you. And it does not end at the treatment table, as Jacqui also gives you exercises to help you complete your recovery - you just need to follow her advice!

Jacqui always seems to have a full appointment schedule, but will always try and fit you in; so if you make an appointment with her, you will be very glad you did."

Matt Ward, Tennis Coach

"I am an OAP with chronic arthritis. I have been a patient of Mrs Kennington for over 3 years. I have been impressed by her diagnostic skills which lead to treatment which gives much relief from discomfort in my knees and back. Mrs Kennington is a highly professional Osteopath and I have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective patients." Bob Price

"After several years of repeated visits to my G.P. and being referred for treatment through several areas of the NHS still no one could tell me why I couldn’t walk without a limp and pain following a fall downstairs. Totally frustrated at being fifty and feeling ninety, I decided to explore an alternative option.

I found Jacqui’s website and immediately felt that she may be able to help me. Within thirty minutes of her initial consultation she had identified the problem and started treatment immediately. Her professional manner and understanding karma has helped me to regain no only my physical health but also my mental state and self confidence.

I would certainly recommend Jacqui to anyone. One year on and she has given my life back to me. Thank you Jacqui. "

Mary Atkinson


"If you’re in pain, you could be suffering needlessly!  I have found you to be a superb osteopath and acupuncturist who has given me invaluable relief from pain and discomfort in my shoulder region. 

You are highly professional and highly qualified with a calming and caring attitude.  Any treatment given is of the utmost highest standard and should you need any additional treatment to accelerate your recovery, you'll be referred to a complementary source. 


For anyone in pain, I would say, don’t wait, contact Heworth Osteopathic Practice asap!" 

Anita Moore 

"Jacqueline is very professional in her approach and puts you at ease with her lovely calming manner. She has relieved me of very severe muscle pain in the past and is currently working on a trapped nerve in my neck which has caused me tremendous pain. Thanks to Jacqui, life is going to be a lot easier."

Pelvic pain in pregnancy (SPD/PGP)

“I was diagnosed with Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP/SPD) at around week 13 of
my pregnancy. By 18 weeks I was having major difficulty walking any distance and in a lot of pain unless I rested completely. Hospital physios, midwives and consultants said they could do nothing for it and it would probably get worse and just gave me lots of advice about posture, painkillers etc and a pair of crutches to help me get about.

I was under the impression from them that I was I was going to get steadily more immobile and struggle more and more with pain as my pregnancy progressed. However, I read on the Pelvic Partnership website that PGP is very treatable and to find a chiropractor, physiotherapist or osteopath that specialises in pregnancy. So I googled ‘Osteopaths in York’ and came across Jacqui's practice.


Jacqui has eased the problem significantly so that my hips are much more stable. I no longer need pain relief and I feel much more mobile and able to do everyday activities without aggravating my pelvis. I still use crutches to walk any distance but I'm so much more comfortable and, as a result, far more hopeful that I can stay mobile throughout my pregnancy. The treatment has had a really positive effect on both my physical and mental well being and I feel like I can get on and enjoy this special time.”


Elanor Stannage, York

"Dear Jacqui and Sasha
A very big THANK YOU for making me "whole" again. I cannot thank you enough, it means the world to walk again without pain.
Sincere thanks, Joan"


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